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Our Productions

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Current Productions:


SHE depicts the final nights of a woman planning to take her life, presenting the frequently censored themes of suicide, emotional abuse, body dysmorphia, sexual violence and child loss. It aims, above all, to call for compassion and receptivity, and to create a space for and open dialogues about human suffering, depression and self-harm.


Drayton Arms Theatre
21st & 22nd April

Image by Johnny McClung

Past Productions

XM Poster.jpg

A Christmas Murder Mystery Comedy

The X-MASsacre

Deck the halls with bags of bodies,
fa la la la la...

For their Christmas party this year, Vasilis has a special surprise planned for his cheating wife, Mary: murder! And with all of their eccentric guests, there are plenty of suspects he can pin the fiendish crime on! The plan is fool-proof! Or so Vasilis thinks...because if Mary is still downstairs, then whom did he just kill in the bedroom? One erroneous murder after the next, and maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, after all...

A Tailor for Ladies

A Feydeau Comedy Adaptation.

Dr Moulineaux has a little pickle. He has spent the night out to meet his mistress, but his wife has found his empty bed! Luckily, he's an incredible deceiver... but perhaps after disguising himself as a dressmaker and hurtling down into a web of lies, the doctor might have gone too far this time...

Currently on European Tour

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