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The X-MASsacre

A Christmas Murder Mystery Comedy


Will repeat yearly for the Christmas season!


Deck the halls with bags of bodies,
fa la la la la...

For their Christmas party this year, Vasilis has a special surprise planned for his cheating wife, Mary: murder! And with all of their eccentric guests, there are plenty of suspects he can pin the fiendish crime on! The plan is fool-proof! Or so Vasilis thinks...because if Mary is still downstairs, then whom did he just kill in the bedroom? One erroneous murder after the next, and maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, after all...

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Running Time:
Age Range:

1 hour 45 mins

Show Details

Written and directed by Lee James Broadwood and performed by members of the Medley Theatre Company, The X-MASsacre is a campy and naughty holiday-themed farce intended for adult audiences. Murder, betrayal, lust and deceit culminate in a series of drastic errors as Vasilis fails to execute his plans to kill his wife.

A Message from Medley Theatre Company:

With this particular project, we wanted to provide consistent work for our members, and so this performance serves as one in a series of adaptations of the same, signature holiday-themed play to be staged throughout the year and across the UK! And what better season to start with than Christmas?!

To remain accessible to as many audiences as possible, each performance will be subtitled in English as well as in one additional language per night from French, Greek, and Italian. This is to benefit hard-of-hearing as well as non-English-speaking audiences. Pre-show sensory experiences will also be available for all performances for audiences with visual impairments.

Cast and Creatives

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Penny Tomai - Headshot.png

Lee James Broadwood
Writer, Director, Producer

Penny Tomai
Actress (Angie & Delivery Driver), Producer.

Maria Carmel.jpg

Maria Carmel

Konstantinos Mantsos.jfif

Dean Mantsos

Su-Lyn Chow-Seegoolam.jpg

Su-Lyn Chow-Seegolam

Fabrizio Tullio.png

Fabrizio Tullio

Production Listing:

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